Our mission is to help manufacturers, operators, commodity boards and agencies identify, evaluate and leverage food, consumer and operator trends into meaningful results. While Menu Matters is available to support our clients in a number of key tactical and strategic areas, our primary capabilities are:

Trend Analysis

Using a variety of trusted and critical industry sources, Menu Matters works directly with clients to both identify key trends – macro and micro – impacting the industry and to sort out those trends that make the most sense based on our clients’ short and long-term strategic objectives and brand identity.


Nearly 20 years of speaking experience with both targeted small and broad-based large audiences, Menu Matters can customize and deliver presentations that are not only engaging and entertaining but impactful and relevant to your event’s and audience’s needs.

Resource Application

Frequently, clients have a wealth of research and other sources available but no time to sort through and apply those resources to customer decks, training documents, industry presentations, and more. Menu Matters helps clients leverage what they have to create high quality, effective documents.

Proprietary Research

Having designed and managed over 400 research projects, Menu Matters will create a consumer and/or operator study that will provide relevant and actionable insights to drive tactical and strategic decisions.

Content Development

Whether for publication, presentation or internal distribution, Menu Matters can create evocative custom content based on trusted industry sources as well as internal resources.

Menu Optimization

There is no overstating the importance of an operator’s menu, and ensuring that tool is as effective as possible at driving revenue and profitability as well as patron loyalty is more critical now than ever before. Increased competition, accelerating trend cycles, and changing patron behaviors all demand that menus are constantly reviewed to ensure every item offered is working hard to deliver. Menu Matters will provide recommendations for optimization and rationalization that always drives toward brand and menu strategies.

Let’s Work Together!

Menu Matters is excited to speak with you about how we can support your strategic initiatives and to provide you with the insights that will have a meaningful impact on your business. You can call or use the contact form below to get in touch. Office: 802-430-7085 | Mobile: 312-420-0724