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Workshop — Working Through Chaos

We Guide Companies to A Position Where They Are Not in Crisis … During A Crisis.

Culinary Tides, Inc. and Menu Matters

As part of our ongoing work, we have been tracking the political and economic unease here and abroad, well before the onset of COVID-19 & the Recession. What the spread of COVID-19 and the onset of the Recession has caused, is an amplification and acceleration of the Tide that was already rolling in. It’s no less significant for it’s abruptness and shock value, but any crisis can have the effect of shaping and altering the trajectory of already identified trends.

It can be difficult to know which trends are most likely to rise above the noise over the next 18 months as a crisis causes events to remain in flux.  It can be even more confusing trying to decide which will resonate most with your brand and customers. This Workshop offer insight into how and why the current climate will affect trends. We help you navigate, trend by trend, what to expect during the immediacy of this crisis and what the long-term effects could be in shaping the future of these trends. Understanding that a trend is coming is only valuable if you know how to strategically leverage it.

We guide teams through a series of steps to filter out extraneous ideas until the most refined and profitable options have been reached.

By overlaying client specific goals & supporting forecasting analysis, participants will be able to identify:

  • The key trends relating to the sector under review
  • The key drivers underpinning them
  • Define and explain any sub-trends that relate to the above
  • The key consumer typologies associated with them
  • How trends are likely to impact the brand in terms of its voice / way to market

Gold Level – A half day workshop that provides clients with critical trend forecasting insights and helps clients develop basic skills for evaluating and prioritizing those trends.

Platinum Level – A fill day of intense exercise and training in not only identifying and evaluating trends but also addressing future crises and other market challenges.

Diamond Level – Two days of immersive exercise that teach techniques and approaches to planning for and combating shifting market conditions coupled with initial product ideation against workshop learnings.

This workshop was created in partnership between:

Suzy Badaracco,

Maeve Webster,